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Into the Radius VR is an open world, adventure and PC game released by CM Games in 2020. Roman Arkadi and Boris Strugatsky!

The Radius VR PC Game 2020 Review:

This is a challenging VR survival game in which we’ll be looking for artifacts. And the story was inspired by the science fiction novel Road Picnic.

Into the Radius VR PC Game Free Download Full Version
If you want to play Into the Radius, you really need a lot of patience and very strong nerves. In terms of complexity, this is the “Dark Souls” among virtual reality games. Dark Souls versus this game is almost children’s birthday. The entire “Pechora zone” is full of dangerous anomalies that randomly appear in the world. Sometimes they can be so unfavorable that it is very difficult to get to your destination.

Even running away from opponents can quickly lead to death, as you often face abnormalities at a hectic pace. The “web anomalies” that we only encountered in the forest are really nasty. You see them very badly in the dark. When you enter, they drain life energy within a few seconds, which often means death. Creatures often appear in a package. Where a harmless “fragmentary monster” lurks, arachnid “spawn” or “fake” triggers are usually not far behind.

Meanwhile, however, the developers have integrated an easy mode with the simple title “story”, which makes the game much easier. You can now save the game anywhere, and the difficulty of opponents has been reduced. Now you can choose whether you want to play Easy Mode or the original Hardcore Mode. Now you can also see your location on the map in simple mode.

Features of Into the Radius VR:

  • Because there are items that require special operating procedures, it is better to read the explanation of the new item carefully.
  • Basically, detours pose less threat.
  • Some of the weapons sold at stores are found in specific places.
  • Knife throwing is also effective, but it is easier to defeat a thin Fragment by reaching out with a knife and thrusting with a dash before the enemy makes an attack motion.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Graphics: Geforce 1070 6 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Additional Notes: For Rift, Rift S or Vive

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