Helltaker is an action-adventure arcade game for PC released by vanripper in 2020. Welcome to hell!

Helltaker PC game 2020 overview:

Men who do not have a red flag can refuse suits, gray hair, red eyes, tails and horns. Fill your time with joy.

The solution of each level is very interesting and the music is also very interesting. The boss battle made us realize that our hands have their ideas. If we want to take one step less, we must take one more step. Too rebellious. First of all: Lucifer is awesome! The pained face of judgment is so pretty! The Queen is coming to our house and we will make you chocolate pancakes every day! Well, there is the main text, on the results and on the hidden endings.

To hide the ending, you need to find ancient inscriptions at levels four, five and six respectively. Of course, you can press it directly on the carpet of the house on the 10th level. Baidu only provides one way to enter the hidden ending. But we didn’t say how to get those instructions on the menu. We search for it on the Internet and translate it into Chinese here. Of course, if you can read English, ignore the next paragraph.

This is the funniest Sokoban game we have ever played (we haven’t played Catherine. There is no comparison with that. It can also be said that it is the funniest free game we have played. The flow of play is not long. Different levels have made our stupid brain think for a long time.

Features of Helltaker:

  • The final test is to test reaction and hand speed, but the requirements are not very high.
  • The background music played in a loop within an hour is not obtrusive or irritating.
  • The dots of the villain are very cute
  • Lie is also cute

Minimum System Requirements:

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